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Submitted on 21 Feb 21 16:33 UTC. attacker[active] principal Alice[ knows public c0 generates a ga = G^a ] Alice -> Bob: ga principal Bob[ knows public c0 generates m1, b gb = G^b gab = ga^b e1 = AEAD_ENC(gab, m1, c0) ] Bob -> Alice: gb, e1 principal Alice[ gba = gb^a e1_dec = AEAD_DEC(gba, e1, c0)? ] queries[ confidentiality? m1 authentication? Bob -> Alice: e1 ]
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Title:test.vp Note over Alice: knows public c0\n generates a\n ga = G^a\n Alice -> Bob: ga Note over Bob: knows public c0\n generates m1, b\n gb = G^b\n gab = ga^b\n e1 = AEAD_ENC(gab, m1, c0)\n Bob -> Alice: gb, e1 Note over Alice: gba = gb^a\n e1_dec = AEAD_DEC(gba, e1, c0)?\n

Analysis Results

The model submitter provided the following analysis results:

Please note that these results are not verified to be accurate. The model submitter may choose to provide false analysis results if they so desire. It is strongly recommended that you re-run the analysis of this model locally if you wish to verify the authenticity of the analysis results above.

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